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Water Splash

Sound Effects

Small sound effect library of water splashes created throwing different sized stones into a natural, quiet pond.

Recorded with a pair of Rode NT55.

  • 96kHz, 24 Bit.

  • 15 stereo audio files

  • 30.6MB

  • Metadata



This sound effect library is made of 26 audio files of fire breaths recorded and performed in two different rooms (Small and Medium) in an empty warehouse in London.

Each take was recorded using two microphones:

  • Rode NTG3 and Sennheiser MKE 2 clip-on mic.

  • 96kHz, 24 bit

  • 26 audio files + 4 bonus samples

  • Metadata

  • 55.2MB

Footsteps on Concrete

Sound Effect

Here are multiple sound effects recorded on a concrete surface with both man and woman shoes.

Walking and running footsteps included.

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Some of these sound effects packs are very high-quality recordings that I once use to sell but I've now decided to give them away for free / on a pay as you feel principle.

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